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 ​Aromatherapy oil  massage / アロマオイルマッサージ


Teko's aroma oil massageThe feature is a unique long stroke.

We not only treat each part of your body, such as your legs, hips, and back, but also treat your body in a flowing manner, keeping in mind that the whole body is connected.

Therefore,The basic form is to remove all clothing.I am doingbut,

If you are interested, we have paper shorts available.

​If you feel embarrassed, please feel free to ask for paper shorts.

I think the important thing is to relax and enjoy the experience.


Furthermore, compared to general oil massage, holistic massage is

very slow rhythmThe slow stroke is characteristic.

A massage with a fast rhythm,

Neither the brain nor the heart can relax.

It is a very slow rhythmic stroke that alternates between powerful, dynamic strokes and delicate, soft touches, as the waves push and return.


In addition, it is characterized by an approach called deep work that targets the deep parts of the muscles, and uses not only the fingertips and palms, but also the entire arm and elbow, to effectively approach and relieve particularly stiff and tense areas. Masu.

moreover,Improves lymph flowAs a result, you can expect to have a high detox effect by eliminating waste products and toxins that are stagnant in your whole body.

If you are sensitive to cold, your body will be warm.If you are concerned about swelling of your legs, please apply immediately after treatment.My legs feel refreshedYou can feel that your tight bottoms and boots have become looser.

cellulite removalA high effect can be expected onWhen lymphatic flow improves, blood and fresh oxygen are distributed throughout the brain and the whole body, making not only your body but also your mind refreshed.

Skin that tends to be dull becomes more transparent,

Beautiful skin effectYou can also expect


Many people may have the image of an aroma massage as ``It's relaxing and soothing, but it's not strong enough, so it doesn't leave your body feeling refreshed.''

On the other hand, many people may have the impression that an aroma massage performed by a male therapist is ``powerful and refreshing for the body, but cannot be expected to have a relaxing effect that will make you doze off.''

If you have such an image,

Please try our holistic massage.

The powerful and dynamic strokes unique to a male therapist will thoroughly loosen your stiff body, and the warm, large palms and entire arms will gently envelop your body with long strokes and delicate soft touches that resemble the rhythm of the waves rolling in and out. We will treat you accordingly.


Some people say that receiving a holistic massage gives them a mysterious sensation.

After the treatment,

Please soak in that mysterious aftertaste for a while.

​Aroma and oil


Aroma oil is not sticky

Use products that are gentle on your skin.

A blend of aroma oils from over 6 types.

​ Organically grown, pesticide-free, high quality, very fragrant, and highly effective.

​Aroma oil has a small molecular weight, so it permeates through the skin into the blood vessels and is transported to each organ, increasing movement. It is also effective to leave the area without wiping it off.


using aroma oil

The body treatment is


Even if stress is the cause, you can expect it to be effective for stiffness, pain, and malaise.



・Mood improves (positive)

・Calm your mind (relieve stress)

・Relieve stiffness and sluggishness

・Balance of female hormones (beauty)

・Immunity increases

・Eliminating sexlessness

​Teko's aroma oil massage works not only on the superficial muscles but also on the deep muscles. The energy of the practitioner and the energy of the aroma oil will also balance the energy body surrounding the body.


​Standard course
​Aroma massage

We use aroma massage oil to massage along the lymphatic flow from your feet to your shoulders, and hit pressure points that secrete female hormones, taking care of all parts of your body except your head. ​Effective for menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, bust enlargement, beautiful skin, etc.

Popularity №2

special course
​Dry massage
​Aroma massage

In addition to the standard course, before the aroma oil massage, a slow dry massage relieves tension, recovers from muscle fatigue and stimulates blood flow, and an aroma oil massage massages from the feet to the neck along the flow of lymph + female hormones. Pressing the pressure points of secretion will soothe and release both mind and body.

Popularity №1 

Premium course
​Dry massage
​Aroma massage
head massage

Add a head massage to the special course, and enjoy a full body massage from head to toe.You can expect effects such as fatigue recovery, menstrual pain, menstrual irregularities, bust enlargement, hip enlargement, and beautiful skin. A recommended course to reward yourself.

Popularity №3 

VIP course
​Dry massage
​Aroma massage
​Foot massage
head massage

​The long course of the premium course adds a foot pressure point massage to reach the internal organs, further recovering from fatigue, menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, bust up, hip up, and beautiful skin. You can expect such effects. You will be able to balance your hormones and experience a sense of freedom, deep peace, and happiness that you cannot get in everyday life. This course is recommended for those who want to get away from everyday life and free their mind and body.

​Free option
​Female hormone activation massage
​Delicate zone care

*Each option is

When making a reservation​Please let us know.

​Extension fee

​If the customer wishes to extend the period

​Every 30 minutes ¥5000

If you use a hotel, you will be responsible for the hotel charges.

​We do not arrange hotels.

Travel expenses will be free.

​Flow of aroma oil massage


First of all, the therapist's hands and body are always clean.

Please rest assured that we are taking special care.


Before starting the treatment, we ease the customer's tension by chatting with them,

We will provide counseling on what kind of treatment you would like and what areas are not acceptable.

​ (Please tell us where you are injured!)

We will do whatever it takes to suit your wishes.

Please let us know when making your reservation or on the day of your reservation.


​* Bust enlargement massage

(stiff shoulders, headaches, bust enlargement effect)

*Hip up massage

(Cellulite, back pain, butt lift effect)

* Groin massage

(Effective for relieving cellulite, sensitivity to cold, sluggish feet, and swelling)


Please take a shower.


We will relax your whole body with natural oil.

・Lie on your stomach (draw a large towel to keep the bed clean)

- Lying on your back (there is an eye mask available, so please use it)

Cover the area other than the area to be treated with a towel.

You can adjust the strength to your preference, so

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have during your treatment. ​



After the treatment, you will be asked to take a shower.

The treatment course time is the net treatment time (①⇨③)

Does not include shower time (total 15-20 minutes).

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